Horse Infection Detection & Health Screening


Minutes Matter.

Detect infection & inflammation earlier than other blood tests.

Infection & Inflammation Detection

Don’t be left in the dark. Detect infection faster than other blood tests with SAA (Serum Amyloid A) testing. Inflammation won’t have time to hinder muscle regeneration or impact performance. Faster treatment. Less severe infection. Earlier recovery. In three simple steps and 10 min, you determine if your horse has an active inflammatory condition. EquiCheck Instructions

SAA Shows Greater and Faster Inflammation Response than Fibrinogen

Levels Rise with Infection, Fall with Treatment
Levels Rise with Infection, Fall with Treatment


Multiple Infection Detection Uses

EquiChek-SAA has multiple infection detection uses

EquiChek™-SAA Uses

  1. Assessing overall wellness
  2. Detection of subclinical inflammation
  3. Real time monitoring of treatment effectiveness
  4. Early assessment of foal health
  5. Monitoring health status before performance or after transport

Read in 10 minutes

Equichek™-SAA Visual, or

SAA levels ready to visually read in 10 minutes

Conc Range 0-200 ug/ml

EquiChek™-SAA Quantitative with Cube to get a number

SAA levels - get a number for the cube reader in 10 minutes
Equi-chek-SAA Kit Visual OR Quantitative Results (with Cube Reader)

EquiChek™ SAA kit benefits

  • 10 minute number results with optional optical Cube reader
  • On-site testing
  • Result lines are visible to the eye
  • Room temperature stable
  • Long shelf life stability

Also available - Cube Reader and adapter - Required for Number Results

SAA levels - get a number for the cube reader in 10 minuets.

The same Cube Reader can be used with the Quick P4 and Immuno-Chek G kits to get a number result!