Equine Progesterone

On-site progesterone number in minutes.

Know when the CL is active.

Don’t lose that foal! Learn about the mare and her cycle with an economical, easy-to-use progesterone test. Unsuccessful breeding? Rebreed sooner with early pregnancy detection. Discover if costly regumate therapy is necessary.

Equine Progesterone Chart

Equine Progesterone Chart

Quick P4 Equine Progesterone number results

Quick P4 Equine Progesterone number results cube reader

Cube reader

Quick P4 Equine Progesterone number results number reader

Get number results in 10 minutes​ using the Cube reader.

Determination of progesterone is very important in many aspects of a mare’s reproductive cycle – in maintaining pregnancy, determining where the mare is in the cycle, embryo viability … and more.

Because of the delay and difficulty in getting accurate progesterone results from a laboratory, equine practitioners have used extensive progesterone supplementation rather than planning actions based on knowledge of actual progesterone levels present.

  • Progesterone Number Result developed for fresh Equine sera
  • Avoid Excess Regumate Supplementation
  • Supplement Regumate based on Knowing Progesterone Present

Interpretation and Accuracy with Cube Reader

Quick P4 Equine Progesterone accuracy chart
  • Calculation is the result of multiple photos (data points).
  • Both Test and Control Lines are used in the interpolation of the stored
    Standard Curve.
  • The darkest part of Test & Control Lines are used in Calculation with
    background correction.
Quick P4 Progesterone Kit Quantitative Results with Cube Reader

Quick P4 Progesterone KitQuantitative Results with Cube Reader

  • 10-minute number results with optical cube reader
  • On-site testing
  • Visual, not fluorescence technology
  • Result lines are visible to the eye for easy checking
  • Room temperature stable
  • Long shelf life stability

Quick P4 / Cube Quantitative
Equine Progesterone Kit

Note: The same Cube Reader can be used with the Immuno-Chek G and Equichek-SAA kits to get a number result!