Canine Progesterone & Relaxin Testing

Timing is everything.

Improve success from breeding to birth.

Accurately predict ovulation. Detect pregnancy early. Know exactly when to time a C-section for the healthiest puppies. Worry less. Achieve more.

Target Box and Cup with bottle by Target Vet


Breeding & C-Section Timing - Visual Results

Easily readable visual results

No reader required

Detect earliest signs of ovulation

Accurately time C-Section

Quick P4 canine test

Quick P4 with Cube

Breeding & C-Section Timing - Number Results

Requires Cube Reader for Number Results

Detect Earliest Signs of Ovulation

Accurately Time C-Section

2yr+ Shelf Life • Room Temp Tests

Relaxin Pro Canine Pregnancy Test


Pregnancy Testing

Determine Pregnancy at ~ 23 days

Accurate Results in Minutes

2yr+ Shelf Life

Room Temp Tests

I bought a Target Canine Ovulation kit after being unsuccessful at breeding my labrador for 2 years. Before trying this kit, I spent all sorts of money on alternatives. The Target test indicated to breed on day 22. She was willing to be bred by the stud dog and as a result I had a litter of 11 puppies!
-Eric Taylor, PA